Olga and Jon

Olga and John

Their story dates back to 2008. Olga lived in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was a 28-year-old lawyer and always wanted to move abroad to get a better life and enjoy new experiences. He couldn’t find a supportive man in her surroundings, so she decided to become a Charmary member to find the love of her life.  

John, a 35-year-old businessman, was so busy that he had no time to entertain and meet the woman who could become his beloved. He lived in Oslo, Norway, but he always dreamt of having a Slavic woman who would please his eye with unbelievable beauty and cook delicious food. So, he decided to look for the desired wife with the help of Charmary services. When he saw Olga’s profile, he fell in love at first sight. 

Olga’s English was bad, so we provided her with an interpreter to communicate with John. Their conversations were long and full of emotions. John decided not to waste precious time, and we organized their first date in St. Petersburg after three months of chatting. Afterward, John visited Olga without our help and got acquainted with her parents. In 2009 Olga came to Norway to meet John’s parents, so everything had a happy logical end that turned into an impressive beginning. He treated her so well that she couldn’t resist his proposal.  

Now, they live in Oslo, where Olga works as a lawyer in her husband’s company. Olga’s English and Norwegian are perfect today, so she realized her dreams. John, on his part, found an intelligent, beautiful wife who is good at cooking and caring. Charmary gave them everything they could only dream of.