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About US

Charmary is a professional matchmaking agency, founded in 2010 in Denmark to offer a premium service for helping you to find your special someone. The world of matchmaking never stands still, and neither do we. We have something quite remarkable in common, and that's a passionate love of life and the work we do. We are driven by our aspiration to become successful, develop people with positive emotions, and help them to make their dreams a reality.

We strongly believe, based on our own life experiences that, if you restrict yourself to relationships with people only from your own culture or nationality, happiness cannot be guaranteed.
We believe that people cannot and should not be divided by nationality. After all, what makes our relationships harmonious is our own inner characteristics and sharing the same goals in life.
Our team is always inspired to develop and acquire new knowledge. We are full members of Matchmakers Network, International Holographic Coaching, and the Mentoring Federation. The information and knowledge we receive is invaluable, and we are committed to providing personalized consultations for our members. The matchmaking journey with us is a journey where we listen to what our clients have to say and advise them every step of the way.

How we work

It is our goal to provide you with a personal service in everything we do. We are known for our professionalism and personal approach.
In order for us to make the right introductions to you, we invest in one-to-one time with you.
  1. Enquire

    Contact us in order to have an informal discussion about your aspirations and we will be honest about whether we believe we can help you. All inquiries will be handled in the strictest of confidence

  2. Meet the experts

    The individual approach is what we believe in. To better understand how we work and to discuss your specific requirements, we arrange a meeting between you and a member of our dedicated team of discreet matchmakers. Choose a membership package that best suits your requirements.

  3. Introductions

    Our introduction service is based on your needs. We work with you and for you to define the type of person you're looking for. We bring the right types of people together. Throughout the membership, members receive a confidential and professional one-to-one introductions service from their dedicated membership advisor.


We can suggest a membership that satisfies your requirements after we have spoken about and comprehended your unique specifications. Get in touch with us for a private consultation.

Practical, Professional, and Cost-free Advice

If you do your best to create a better version of yourself, you will get the desired match. A person who constantly works on personal mistakes and self-develops will surely become attractive to partners who wish for the same. So, there is no limit to self-improvement. If you demand a lot, you should also meet the requirements.

Personal matchmaking

International Introduction Agency for Finding You the Perfect Partner

Lack of time to find your true love? The International Charmary service is what you need to find a soulmate for dating or family making. Foreigners are attractive, but dating an overseas partner is uncomfortable and time-consuming. Many dating sites fail to select the best match, and couples have to break up because of distance, individual, or financial inconsistencies. We improve our matching services daily to prevent such mistakes to help you fall in love and feel happy.

We work professionally and learn the traits of character of every client to find the most suitable partner, friend, or lover. Due to our international platform, you will enjoy the best dating experience leading to the relationships you want - friendship, love, and strong family bonds.
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Building Long-Lasting Relationships Through Personalized Dating Services

At our company, we prioritize quality over quantity when finding potential matches for our members. Rather than overwhelming you with an endless list of candidates, we offer a unique approach to international dating tailored to your personality and preferences. The managers take the time to get to know you in person, analyzing your attributes and long-term goals to identify your ideal partner. Once we clearly understand your unique qualities, we'll begin sharing profiles of users who fit your description. At the same time, we understand the importance of privacy and discretion in the world of international dating. That's why we offer an individual and private portfolio presentation service that.

Our couples

Victoria & Jack

Victoria is a Ukrainian girl who always dreamt of devoting herself to marriage. She graduated from a pedagogical university and started teaching kids in kindergartens and schools. Her dream was to share her knowledge about the world with her kids without the need to get distracted by work. So, she registered on Charming International to find someone she couldn’t find in her country.

Being a member of Charmary International is a great experience for me. They provide great service and have introduced me to some amazing people. One of them is now my wife.

Thank you very much.

Olga & Jon

In the beginning, Olga met up with four gentlemen introduced by Charmary International. Before meeting Olga, Jon had also joined the agency but had only met one person. As a divorcee with one adult child, he was eager, if not a little nervous, to find a new life partner. Jon also ran a successful business and, like Olga. He found Olga to be exactly what he was looking for, she did the same, and they fell in love. Both were astonished that it happened so quickly and so profoundly. Even at their stage in life, Jon and Olga remain surprised that they are able to have a relationship a good as theirs. Last year, they got married.

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Philosophy & Conception

Stress shouldn't be unnecessary

First dates can be a bit anxious - that's half the fun. It's important to avoid the kind of stress that makes you and your date uncomfortable. Feeling relaxed will make your date more comfortable around you. Instead of facing your date directly, sit at a right angle to them. As a result, you don't have to fill every gap in the conversation, and you can instead watch people go by.

Make a list of topics for your first date

What should you do to prepare for your first date?
Preparing for a first date is no different from preparing for a job interview. Try to think of some good first-date questions and interesting answers to the questions that may arise.

Be interested, not interesting

Be an active listener who can make somebody feel "interested, desired, and appreciated."