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"Charmary" is an International dating & introduction agency which offers exclusive matchmaking service to modern people with busy lives.

Our focus is to help intelligent people find their life's partner. We understand the important of passion, romance and family to those seeking lasting relationships.

Our service is for modern people with busy lives, yet who seek a partnership that's based on mutually shared values and mentality.

However, we also understand that, rather than just being a soul match or a married couple, a relationship is a partnership built around reliability and sharing the values that both parties hold most dear to them.

How it works

  • I

    We are a selective dating agency for professionals and an invitation to join Charmary Elite Introductions is at our discretion and depends on your compatibility with current members.

  • II

    We care about the privacy and comfort of our clients. Profiles of our members will never be presented on our website.

  • III

    Having the option to pause and then re-start your membership takes into consideration lifestyle factors: perhaps unexpected, lengthy travel plans, a particularly busy work period or the development of an exclusive relationship.

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We care about the
privacy and comfort of our




Please treat with understanding.
Charmary guarantees an exceptional level of service and is happy to deal with people who can appreciate it.
We reserve the right to refuse service without explanation if the client’s identity is in doubt for one reason or another.

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Tel.: +45 50 13 46 15