1. Is Charmary love search difficult?

    We did our best to let you find your soulmate quickly and take delight in each second of your Charmary journey. What should you do?

    Acquaintance with Charmary services

    The first thing you should do is to get acquainted with us. You should see how we care for you and pay attention to the smallest details. Feel free to ask us questions you do want to hear the answer to, so there is no need to feel shy. We keep everything a secret, so you may ask as many questions about as many things as you need to get the best match

    Meeting our manager

    It’s impossible to find the best match without an individual approach to your needs. Our experts learn your desires and preferences to see who can make you happy. That’s why we provide tete-a-tete consultations with our professionals. Depending on the chosen membership package, our experts will provide the best services you do deserve.

    Enjoying introductions

    We communicate with you to know who might meet your expectations. Afterward, we will introduce you to the best match, and your potential partner will also see your profile. Each meeting is confidential and top-best because we consider your desires.

  2. Am I eligible to find my partner here?

    We provide services for only mature individuals. So, you’re not welcome if you are under that age. If you are a newcomer, you should register first to fill out the form that collects the required information about you. Eventually, you should send your photos to let potential candidates make a choice. It means you should send good-quality close-up photos to attract the opposite gender. Besides, you should look good, be erudite, and have hobbies to appeal to the best candidates.

  3. Can I become a Charmary team member to get my best match?

    Everyone is welcome, but there are some basic requirements. There is one that ranges from 21 to 70 years old.to Our clients have different needs. So, you should share several photos, be educated, and have hobbies to be able to match someone’s demands, as mentioned in the search request. Do you want to get the best match? You should do your best to correspond to demands.

  4. Will you help me organize our first meeting and traveling matters?

    We are ready to help you with everything you might need, but hotel and flight booking is available only to Bespoke members. If you are not a Bespoke member, you can pay extra fees for such services. Everything you need is to ask us for such a favour. If you want to plan and realize your dates independently, you are welcome. We encourage your desires and comfort.

  5. How much should I pay for the required services?

    - Business €1500 to enjoy one introduction per month, individualized matchmaking, free online support five days a week, a year of passive membership, and six months of frozen membership.

    - Gold. €5000 will be enough to get four introductions per month, passive membership for three years, and frozen membership for one year. Besides, golden clients get free continuous consultations from a relationship expert and online support.

    - Premium. €9500 is required for those who want guaranteed eight introductions per year, passive membership for a lifetime, three years of passive membership, and constant online and personal support and consultations.

    -Bespoke. This membership fits best those who have specific requirements. The cost starts from €12000 per year, and our experts are ready to get the best match, depending on your racial, gender, appearance, and racial preferences. Moreover, we book hotel rooms or tickets and organize meetings if you want to get the best dating experience.

  6. Is Matchmaking not the same as online dating?

    There are many differences between matchmaking and online dating. Our service is personalized. A hand selection of matches is then conducted for you, and several dates are screened. Instead of swiping online or reading endless dating profiles, you can spend your time dating instead.

  7. Are matchmaking services really effective?

    Yes, without a doubt! Being honest with your matchmaker and yourself is essential to its success. Put your trust in the people you hire to do their jobs. In order to achieve your end goal, you need to take a different approach.

  8. Is there a membership requirement?

    A member of The One Matchmaking must be at least 21 years to 65 years old, seeking a committed, dating, or long-term relationship, free of criminal convictions.

  9. Is your website going to display my profile and photos?

    There is no online dating service at Charmary agency; it is a personal introduction and matchmaking service. Your personalized profile will only be shared with only your selected matches once you have agreed to do so.

  10. Is there a guarantee if I'm not satisfied?

    We all know that matchmaking is an extremely private service, and even if two people appear to be suitable for each other, their chemistry may not be compatible. Therefore, we cannot promise you'll fall in love, but we can guarantee that you'll go on real dates with real people, looking for a lasting, committed, loving relationship. Each membership agreement specifies the number of dates you will be able to attend.

  11. How do I put a temporary hold on my package?

    The package contract sometimes needs to be put on hold - our clients may be going overseas, taking a vacation, etc. We can work this into your package so you can "pause" matchmaking activities for a specific period of time if you anticipate this possibility.