Jonas and Maria

Jonas was 45 when he joined the Charmary membership. He was too busy with his company matters in Austria, so he had no time for dating. He never wanted to be a ‘grandpa’ for his first child. He knew he would be 65 when his kid would be a school leaver. So he was looking for a woman with kids.

Maria, a 30-year-old woman from Madrid, Spain, had two kids from her first marriage. She was looking for a man who could become a true father to her children.

Jonas was glad to find Maria, whose little girls were so cute and pretty that he started chatting with her. He bought many presents for the twins and a bouquet for Maria and arrived in Nice. In a couple of months, the kids got their father, Maria got her protective husband, and Jonas got his family. Now, the whole family is happy and lives in a huge house with a swimming pool in Nice.