Asia and Raul

Asia, a 40-year-old woman from Los Angeles, adored painting landscapes and dreamed of organizing exhibitions of her best works. She also did aerobics to look great and ran a blog on YouTube. 

Raul, a 45-year-old man from Madrid, lived in South Africa and worked at Easigas LTD. His mother was an artist, so he was interested in art, too. When he saw Asia’s profile, he knew that she was the one to steal his heart. We introduced contacts to Asia and Raul, so they started chatting immediately.

Once, Raul saw a video on Asia’s fitness blog and got so impressed that nothing could make him look at some other girl. In three months, Raul asked us to organize their meeting in Los Angeles and Dubai, where he got a new job. Both dates were so successful that Asia and Raul couldn’t imagine their life without each other anymore. So, they got married. 

Today, Asia paints landscapes with Amina, Raul’s mother, in a Dubai studio. Together, they organize exhibitions and sell their masterpieces. Asia and Raul are five years together because Charmary luckily brought them together.