Victoria and Marc

Victoria is a Ukrainian girl who always dreamt of devoting herself to marriage. She graduated from a pedagogical university and started teaching kids in kindergartens and schools. Her dream was to share her knowledge about the world with her kids without the need to get distracted by work. So, she registered on Charming International to find someone she couldn’t find in her country.

Jack was a man aged 36 when he joined our team. He had two kids from the previous marriage and wanted to find a wife who would dedicate herself to the family, as his first wife gave up everything for the sake of her career.

When we read their stories, we realized how perfectly they matched. Victoria and Jack received contact with each other and started messaging. Jack fell in love with Victoria after their first 3-hour chat. He realized what an intelligent and beautiful wife she could be. Victoria’s heart melted when she saw a picture of Jack with his 3-year-old twins. Their life goals were the same - family comes first! 

We arranged their first date in a restaurant, and that was the end of our work. They couldn’t say ‘goodbye’ and decided to meet again as soon as possible. In three months, Jack proposed to Victoria, and she couldn’t say ‘no’. They got married, and today we see photos on their Instagram profiles where they enjoy their family life. Kids are homeschoolers like Victoria wanted, and Jack has a wife who welcomes him with a smile and happy children at home.