Charmary Introduction Agency How We Help You Find Lasting Love

An article in The New York Times mentioned that young and rich people are resorting to dating coaches nowadays, paying as much as $150 to $200 per hour. With all that disposable income, the options are limitless, right? You could just sail to France or join an art class or just attend a charity ball. After all, these places are teeming with single and affluent people.
But, it is all easier said than done. All the money in the world cannot help you find a like-minded, compatible partner or, in fact, true love. And, it takes too much time and effort to continue meeting blind dates through online dating apps, spending night after night making awkward conversation. This is where Charmary Introduction Agency comes to the rescue, catering to high net worth, successful individuals, who prefer not to display their personal information on dating sites or apps or meet complete strangers without any prior vetting.

An Exclusive Introduction Agency for the Elite

After working hard to reach the pinnacle of their careers, men and women find it extremely difficult to get back into the dating game. Even if they do, they rarely find a compatible match, and that creates further frustration.
Charmary Elite is an exclusive introduction agency, with an extensive database of single, eligible and carefully screened suitors, who are also on the quest to finding partners. Their database includes people from diverse walks of life, from successful lawyers and bankers to doctors, athletes, beautiful models and much more. The most interesting thing is that this database is not limited by geographical boundaries, giving their clients a chance to meet some unique and very exciting people they would not have otherwise met in their usual daily lives. Relationships are built on mutual trust and love for each other, and that love can come from any person, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or profession.
What makes Charmary stand apart is the care that they take in personalising their services to each individual, based on their unique background, personality, needs and preferences. They take the time not only to understand your specific needs but also to personally screen every potential suitor to find the most compatible match. This is a dating agency for professionals, run by the most dedicated professionals.
In addition, the team ensures strict confidentiality with regard to the personal and professional details of its clients. No photographs or personal information is ever published publicly, ensuring utmost privacy. They understand that when a person achieves success, even the smallest rumour can ruin their reputation.

The Matchmaking Process

There is a wide variety of membership packages available for both men and women at Charmary, which sets it apart from other dating introduction agencies. Candidates need to fill out an inquiry form, mentioning all the details and specifications regarding the individual they wish to meet. The team then reviews these details, regarding profession, age, interests and income levels, and works to match them with potential suitors from their database. This can be a little time consuming, since a very thorough screening is conducted to avoid any adverse experiences for their clients. Charmary is an exclusive introduction agency that only works with genuine candidates.
This introduction agency is a member of Matchmakers Network, International Holographic Coaching and the Mentoring Federation, offering its clients invaluable personal consultation to help them prepare for the dating process. Having been in the matchmaking arena for over eight years, the team has a great record of satisfied clients. This is one place that truly believes that love is what makes the world go around.