Elite Dating Agency Shares 5 Conversations You Must Have Before Committing to Someone

No matter what we accomplish in our professional lives, as human beings we always crave companionship. As Mark Twain said, “To get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with.” Fortunately, we live in times where we have access to online dating sites and elite dating services that have made it much easier to find a potential partner. In case you have found your match already and are now considering a long-term commitment, here are some conversations that a leading elite dating agency suggests you have before going ahead.

Talk about the nature of your commitment

Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to the nature of your commitment. With global dating on the scene, different cultures bring in varied expectations. This maybe with regards to the meaning as well as the degree of commitment.

Some believe in open relationships, while others believe that light flirting is pardonable. Then there are some who avoid contact with the opposite sex, post commitment. Similarly, while you might be content with a commitment based on mutual understanding, the other person could be expecting a marriage proposal sometime in the future. It’s best to discuss all these aspects clearly before moving ahead.

Discuss the roles played by your family and friends

For both of you to be comfortable within the relationship, share the roles played by family and friends in your lives. The people you like to consult before making big decisions, the person who crashes at your place most often, those you confide in, the one who you have past issues with, or the fact that you like to stay independent of your family. Be open and receiving, and as a bonus, you might just end up growing even more intimate.

Exchange your views on having children

This is an obvious but important question. See if you are equally excited about the prospect of having kids of your own. How long from now would you like to start planning a family? Would you prefer to adopt? How many children would you like to have? Do you already have children and do not want anymore? Apart from these things, it is also important to know if both of you believe in shared parenting.

Share your personal goals and challenges.

It is essential to discuss things you are working on personally. Whether it is about achieving a physical fitness level, putting in extra hours for a promotion or volunteering for a particular amount of time – sharing personal goals can help you support each other.

Discuss how you plan to manage your money

Well, this might not be the most pleasant topic, but rather than facing conflicts later, why not talk about it beforehand? Discuss how you would like to plan your finances together to support your lifestyle as a couple. Even if you are an elite match, this discourse is as important as knowing each other’s thoughts on a prenuptial agreement. Did you know that a large percentage of relationships, and even marriages, break up over financial issues? Best to sort them out right at the beginning, say elite global dating agencies.

Is this all a little too much for you? Well, one way to avoid the ordeal of having these discussions is to go through an elite dating service. They take down your preferences and needs, and then find someone who fits in the best. In fact, elite agencies are even making international introductions these days. You could find the person of your dreams without being restricted by geographical boundaries!

The dating arena has not only increased in size but has become much more exciting. At the same time, working professionals have lesser time to dedicate to matters of the heart. In such a scenario, the services of an elite dating agency come to the rescue. When you know the person shares your sensitivities even before meeting them, it definitely gives more confidence when the time comes to commit to a relationship.

Executive Matchmaking Agency’s Take on Makeup Essentials for a Date Night

It is the greatest feeling in the world to finally find a person you can see a future with. Whether you had help from an executive matchmaking agency or online dating website, every moment from now on is a part of your story and you are the leading lady. While we do believe that the man’s interests should go beyond your looks, we also understand that a few beauty tips could actually boost your confidence. It is quite exciting to go on a first date, but it can get a bit nerve-racking too. Here are some makeup essentials that even international matchmaking services swear by.

Lip Gloss/Lipstick

Make sure you exfoliate your lips to ensure that they are supple and ready for application. You can go with a lip gloss that has the slightest hint of tint or a bold lipstick, based on your attire. The point is to accentuate your look and make your lips irresistible. Use a lip liner on both sides of each lip to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth.


They say that the eyes are the window to one’s soul. All the more reason to highlight them using a mascara! It will not only increase the volume and length of your lashes, but will add definition to your face as a whole. Make sure that you lightly glide your mascara brush on tissue paper to avoid getting clumps your lashes on application.


A touch of blush will give your cheeks a healthy glow. It is an instant fresh and youthful brightener for the face. Moreover, it is symptomatic of the natural blushing on feeling flirtatious and aroused, so that’s definitely a turn-on! However, make sure you do not go overboard as that would defeat the purpose altogether.


Fragrance is an important aspect of attraction for every species and we humans are no different. Your scent allows you to appeal to all senses of the person. So, make sure that you use a perfume that not only goes with your personality but also the setting of the date night. Also, keep a travel sized bottle of the same perfume in your handbag just in case you need to refresh it. However, make sure to keep the fragrance subtle. Overwhelming perfume can be a huge turn-off.

Hair Serum/Hair Spray

After putting all that time into perfecting your face, the last thing you would want is for your look to be spoiled by flat or frizzy hair! So, set your hairdo with a spray that fixes your hair but doesn’t make it stiff and untouchable. Also, pack a travel-sized hair serum. It will not only add shine but will also help smoothen your hair in case humidity gets the better of it.

Blotting Sheets

It is always a good idea to keep a few blotting sheets handy in your purse. These will rescue you not only when you need to subdue excessive sheen from your face but also when you need to erase a make-up line or lay off the extra powder buildup on your face.

Mouth Fresheners

You don’t want food odour to linger on in your mouth. Trust us, a mouth freshener can be a saviour. Stash some mints in your handbag and you will have the confidence of being kiss-ready at any time!

Apart from these essentials, matchmaking services for wealthy executives often stress on covering the grooming basics, waxing and a mani-pedi. In fact, international matchmakers say that a well-groomed look leads to a positive first impression, both for men and women.

Millionaire Dating Website’s Advice on 6 Things Never to Say on a First Date

Isn’t “love at first sight” just another phrase for a stunning first impression? If that’s true, your first date could be the beginning of a beautiful love story. Needless to say, you must put your best foot forward. There are certain “don’ts” that you need to be wary of during your first day. And, who better than a millionaire dating website to tell you what these are.

Here’s a look at the key things that the best dating site for professionals advises never to say on the first date.

Tell me about your past relationships

Let the dead past remain buried. Talking about your ex might create the impression that you are still into them. Whereas, you ought to come across as someone who is more than ready to enter the world of dating. Even if you are friends with your ex, avoid mentioning it. This fact could put a burden of comparison on you and your date. No good will come of it, it is an intrusive topic for the first date.

I checked you out on Google

Even if you did, avoid mentioning it. There are free millionaire dating sites that specialise in matchmaking for high net worth individuals and successful professionals. They do a rigorous screening before matching two people for their first date. Despite this, there could be a natural curiosity and one might wish to check out their date online. Just don’t check and tell, especially before you’ve even kissed! It will either boost their ego or simply put them off. And, both of these can have unpleasant consequences.

You and I would make amazing kids!

Even if you have your mind absolutely set on having or not having kids, this is not a first date subject. Give it some time and the topic will come up organically in your future conversations. Many millionaire matchmakers ensure that the parties are on the same page with regard to having children even before the first date. So, that’s another way to go if you do not want to waste your time.

Do you mind if I make a quick phone call?

It doesn’t matter if you are a busy millionaire who decided to use a dating site, give the first date the importance that it deserves. It is extremely rude to give priority to a phone call over someone sitting right in front of you, especially when you are on a date. Please take care of your business before or after the first date, not during.

How close are you to your parents?

While family is an important aspect of a person’s life, it does not take priority over the person themselves. Most millionaire matchmaking services would also advice against discussing family on the first date. This is a time to get to know each other first. Moreover, some people find it difficult to talk about their parents. So, it is better to give some space, before you get to this topic.

I hope you are looking for a serious relationship with me

Don’t try to rush things, since it will only put pressure on the other person. Also, you would come across as being desperate. Let things take a natural course if you are really looking for lasting love.

First dates can be a lot of fun – the excitement of getting to know a different person, the anticipation and the possibility of a new beginning in your life. Just make sure that you don’t come across as a dating novice. Smile, exude confidence, make eye contact and be light-hearted. And, if you need help, the millionaire dating website will only be too happy to help you prepare for your date.

Exclusive Dating Agency Shares How Cross-Cultural Dating Can be a Lot of Fun

An average of one in twelve people married someone from a different culture across Europe between 2008 and 2010. This number is expected to have steadily grown since then. Cross-cultural dating is indeed one of the biggest advantages of technology that has made the world a smaller place.

Today, there are exclusive dating agencies that offer to scour the world to find you the person of your dreams. Dating someone from a different culture can be a great learning experience and an adventure of a lifetime. Here are some aspects of cross-cultural dating as observed by an executive dating service.

Learning a new language

Did you know that 43% of the world’s population is bilingual? Dating someone who has a different first language is an amazing opportunity to pick up another language. In case it isn’t your cup of tea, just learn a few phrases that could please your partner and that’s all you’ll ever need. And hey, it’s definitely a turn-on to hear your date murmur something in their native language, even when in rage! Apart from the language, there are unique ways of expressing one’s love in various cultures. So, you get to experience new culturally specific romantic gestures as well.

Opportunity to try authentic cuisine

While there may be restaurants offering various cuisines in every country, the authenticity of a home cooked meal is unparalleled. For some, this might be reason enough to date someone from a different culture! Even if your date doesn’t cook, it could be a very romantic experience to cook a meal together.

Creating a blend of two cultures

Many dating websites for professionals offer cross-cultural dating options as per your liking. While it is eye-opening to experience another culture, introducing your culture to the other person is exciting too. Once the relationship gets to the next level, you will realise that you have actually created a mini-culture of your own by taking the best of both worlds. What could be more rewarding than that?

Celebrating each other’s festivals and traditions

Like they say, shared joy is double the joy. You get to celebrate many more festivals and participate in the traditions of your date’s culture. It not only brings great happiness but also widens your horizons to a world beyond your own. In addition to this, you also get more opportunities to travel to the country your date belongs to.

Breaking stereotypes

While many people do get a cross-cultural date from exclusive dating sites, they still have certain stereotypes to overcome. But when you actually meet the person, you might realise that not all Americans are arrogant and not all Indians like curry!

Beautiful mixed babies

If you ever decide to take things to the next level, imagine how beautiful the babies will be! Also, due to the blending of genetics, their risks of developing particular diseases might be reduced. It’s not just about their physical features, but also about how they will grow to become well-rounded individuals due to a multi-cultural experience. You can provide an upbringing like no other household.

Many people are dating across cultures today and relishing the experience. Couples face difficulties in any sort of relationship, but if the foundation is right, you can make it work. Our differences are beautiful and we should allow them to bring our hearts together. If one looks at the bigger picture, cross-cultural dating actually helps create a more tolerant society.

If you are looking for an opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of someone from a different culture, you should definitely check out the services of an exclusive dating agency.