Millionaire Dating Website's Advice on 6 Things Never to Say on a First Date

Isn’t “love at first sight” just another phrase for a stunning first impression? If that’s true, your first date could be the beginning of a beautiful love story. Needless to say, you must put your best foot forward. There are certain “don’ts” that you need to be wary of during your first day. And, who better than a millionaire dating website to tell you what these are.

Here’s a look at the key things that the best dating site for professionals advises never to say on the first date.

Tell me about your past relationships

Let the dead past remain buried. Talking about your ex might create the impression that you are still into them. Whereas, you ought to come across as someone who is more than ready to enter the world of dating. Even if you are friends with your ex, avoid mentioning it. This fact could put a burden of comparison on you and your date. No good will come of it, it is an intrusive topic for the first date.

I checked you out on Google

Even if you did, avoid mentioning it. There are free millionaire dating sites that specialise in matchmaking for high net worth individuals and successful professionals. They do a rigorous screening before matching two people for their first date. Despite this, there could be a natural curiosity and one might wish to check out their date online. Just don’t check and tell, especially before you’ve even kissed! It will either boost their ego or simply put them off. And, both of these can have unpleasant consequences.

You and I would make amazing kids!

Even if you have your mind absolutely set on having or not having kids, this is not a first date subject. Give it some time and the topic will come up organically in your future conversations. Many millionaire matchmakers ensure that the parties are on the same page with regard to having children even before the first date. So, that’s another way to go if you do not want to waste your time.

Do you mind if I make a quick phone call?

It doesn’t matter if you are a busy millionaire who decided to use a dating site, give the first date the importance that it deserves. It is extremely rude to give priority to a phone call over someone sitting right in front of you, especially when you are on a date. Please take care of your business before or after the first date, not during.

How close are you to your parents?

While family is an important aspect of a person’s life, it does not take priority over the person themselves. Most millionaire matchmaking services would also advice against discussing family on the first date. This is a time to get to know each other first. Moreover, some people find it difficult to talk about their parents. So, it is better to give some space, before you get to this topic.

I hope you are looking for a serious relationship with me

Don’t try to rush things, since it will only put pressure on the other person. Also, you would come across as being desperate. Let things take a natural course if you are really looking for lasting love.

First dates can be a lot of fun – the excitement of getting to know a different person, the anticipation and the possibility of a new beginning in your life. Just make sure that you don’t come across as a dating novice. Smile, exude confidence, make eye contact and be light-hearted. And, if you need help, the millionaire dating website will only be too happy to help you prepare for your date.