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Over the past decade or so, online dating apps proliferated, giving singles a convenient and fun way to meet new people. Unfortunately, after hours of swiping left and right, what many discovered was that these apps were more for meaningless hookups, rather than finding a meaningful relationship. In addition, even when these apps offer advanced search options, it really is difficult to streamline your search to find true compatibility.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that in recent years, the age-old tradition of matchmaking has returned, albeit in a new and modern form. For the discriminating individual, these matchmaking services offer the perfect way for high-profile, successful professionals to find companionship. The biggest advantage of executive matchmaking is that it offers you a discreet way to meet potential partners, without the risks that usually accompany online dating.

Here’s a look at the key benefits that make matchmaking services for the wealthy stand apart from online dating services.

Personalised Services

If you opt for online dating, you’ll need to create a profile and then just hope for the best. However, when you enlist the help of international matchmaking services, they will first get to know you and then base their search on specific parametres, such as:

  • Your overall personality, likes and dislikes
  • Your educational background & career
  • Your family background
  • You values and relationship non-negotiables
  • Specific aspects you are looking for in a potential partner
  • And more

    The best part is that international matchmakers don’t restrict their search just to a specific geographical boundary, giving you a much better chance of finding a uniquely suitable partner. In addition, they will be with you through the entire journey, helping you at every step along the way. Most importantly, they will take on the responsibility to carefully screen all potential suitors to shortlist only those who hold promise, given your specific needs, desires and personality.

    Safety & Confidentiality

    As mentioned above, a matchmaking service for the wealthy will carefully screen each person before adding them to their database, unlike online dating apps that are free for anyone to join. Keeping your status in mind, they will interview each suitor, making the process safe for you, without you having to fear any negative press or repercussion from the process of finding a partner. Most importantly, the executive matchmaking service will maintain the highest levels of confidentiality regarding your personal and private information, very unlike online dating services that make your profile visible to the entire world, without any restrictions. So, your privacy is protected at all times and you have complete control over what you wish to share and with whom.

    Genuine People Means Higher Chances of Success

    Online dating services are infamous for people lying about themselves and posting fake pictures. This means that even with the best matching algorithm, all the lies will lead to flawed matches. On the other hand,international matchmakers who specialise in helping a higher-end clientele take the time to personally meet with each person, ensuring complete honesty with regard to information about them, while ascertaining their mental, physical and emotional match to you. So, when you finally do end up on a date, you are unlikely to face any unpleasant shocks. Also, given that you will be meeting genuine people, the chances of success in finding a compatible partner will be much higher. Apart from all these advantages, international matchmakers also help you save time and effort. They do all the dirty work for you, knowing that you have a very busy life. And, you are assured that they will put in all the time and effort needed to find the best possible match for you, saving you a lot of frustration of bad dates too.

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