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The success of using the services of an elite dating agency is are quite apparent from the prediction made by Statista that 240.4 million people across the world would be using such services by 2022. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. How often do you get to meet someone new, interesting and compatible in your everyday rush to complete your daily responsibilities? So, if you have used such an elite dating service, firstly, you aren’t alone and you might just have done the best thing possible to find a companion, if not a soulmate. Secondly, if you’ve successfully gone on a first date – congratulations.

It is quite an achievement to get through a first date, given all those nerves about whether you’ll say something you regret later or make a total fool of yourself, or maybe you were just apprehensive about being awkward and not knowing what to say. The good news is that the first date went off well. So, what do you do now? Here are some tips from the best elite match making services.

Expectations Differ

From the way the first date ended, men and women are found to have different expectations regarding the future of the relationship, say experts at an elite global dating agency. According to a study published in Sexuality & Culture: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly in 2016, the way you part company after the first date can actually predict whether there will be a second one. The study went on to reveal that if you parted company with a handshake or just a goodbye, women tend to believe that the man did not find them interesting. On the other hand, a hug or kiss is seen as an indicator of attraction.

On the other hand, men don’t really place any significance on whether there was any physical contact or not at the end of the date. They focus more on other aspects to determine attraction, such as the topics that you might have spoken on during the date. So, this bring us back to the earlier question – the first date is over, now what? But, before you even decide on a second date, here are some things you should do.

Take Your Time to Reflect on the Date

As Psychology Today puts it, “It’s a relationship, not a race.” Building a successful relationship should be seen as a marathon, rather than a sprint. So, take your time to cultivate the relationship, progressing slowly, both emotionally and physically. And, to move forward, the first step is to calmly reflect on the first date to judge whether there really is a spark between the two of you or whether just having a good time has left you with an after-glow.

At the same time, don’t overanalyse. It was just one date and it isn’t a relationship in the true sense of the word yet. So, do reflect on how you felt during the encounter, but don’t jump to conclusions about the other person. Every word, gesture or even hug doesn’t need to have an underlying meaning. And, if you do find the person interesting and had fun, consider a second date to get to know the person better. However, if you were uncomfortable during the first date and didn’t really enjoy yourself, you are under no compulsion to go on a second date.

Look Out for Red Flags

The best international elite dating agency will help with introductions to new people who match your profile. One unsuccessful date doesn’t mean failure. In fact, global elite dating services will tell you that it is actually wise to look for potential red flags, following the first date. For instance, if they said or did something that made you uncomfortable, if their behaviour seemed inappropriate or rude more than once during the date, if it was difficult to keep the conversation going. These are all signs that the person might not be the right companion for you.

The bottom line is that building a relationship is a gradual process. So, don’t feel compelled to decide until you are completely comfortable. And, if the first date hasn’t helped you decide one way or the other, there is no harm to try a second date to get a better idea of whether the two of you are compatible and share some chemistry.

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